About Me

To put it simply, my name is Mike. I have been doing some kind of design work for as long as I can remember. Just like my design practices, everything must be placed there for a purpose, to line up and interact with its surroundings. Even when coding, everything must be uniformly spaced and capitalized, or I simply go mad trying to read it. I am passionate about anything and everything related to creating visual media including UI/UX, print, logo, web page, presentations, illustrations and a pretty much anything digital. But that is serious me.

I am also “Dish”, the one in the office who jokes around with everyone. In my free time, you will find me gaming, drawing, working on classic cars (my passion, second only to design), playing guitar or on a board of some type. Progressive at all times, I work better in a dynamic environment. You don’t see me sitting in any one place for too long.

Digital UI Design Portfolio

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