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Let's Level Up Your
Creative Business

What are your goals?
What are the barriers getting in your way?
What could be better right now?
What do you need to do?


Creative Business Consulting with Michael Dishmon

Michael is a Brand Strategy, Design, and UX Consult. He helps businesses grow, launch products, and build enduring relationships with new exciting communities.


Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience is the first step in starting any business or project. Michael will guide you with a series of questions to help define your audience so your brand will know who to speak to, and how to speak to them.


Brand Your Company and Start Getting Clients

Positioning your company is critical to acquire the leads you need to close the deals you want. If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Michael can help you position your brand to generate viable leads for you business.


Negotiate Better Deals and Make More Money

You know the target audience. Your brand is ready and generating leads, but for some reason, you can't close those deals. Michael will coach you on negotiating and how expectations can ruin any business conversation.


Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Being confident about who you are and what you do is paramount when dealing with your clients. Michael will help guide you in overcoming your impostor syndrome so you can be confident and speak with authority.


Why consult with Michael?

Michael Dishmon is a designer, strategist, coach and entrepreneur. He specializes in validating minimal viable products in the digital space, user experience design, and user interface design. Michael also runs a coaching and consulting business for leveling up creative entrepreneurs in their professional endeavors. Your business can always be better, so let's start dreaming what life could be like, and then make it a reality.

What do I get?

You get a block of time where Michael will leverage his skills and experiences to create a custom solution for your problem. The call will be recorded so you can reference it later and share it with your team.

How does it work?

After you purchase the block of time, Michael will reach out to you and schedule a time to talk. Before the call, he will ask you a few questions:

What are your goals?
What are the barriers getting in your way?
What topic would you like to focus on during the call?
What do you need to do?

Make sure you are in a quiet place with high-quality headphones and mic. Please make sure you are free of distractions.

That’s it. Michael will do the rest.



Check out what others are saying about
Michael and his services.

2717 Design
"Mike's been a great source of encouragement and wisdom in a time where I needed direction in my business. He's been a partner, a friend, and an awesome mentor in this process and I'm looking forward to continuing our professional and personal relationship."
Eric Sin
Founder & CEO
Frankie M Design
“Mike has been someone that I can consistently depend on—period. He has incredible patience that he couples with the experience and insight to see past what you want and into what you need. Most importantly, he’s able to present the information in way that’s not only understandable, but easy to digest and realistic to implement. I’m extremely fortunate and grateful to have him as a resource and friend.”
Frankie Margotta
Founder & CEO
Noueilaty Consulting, LCC
“Michael helped me define my audience, branding, and where to take the company forward. It was a huge level up that I would recommend to anyone.”
Hassan Noueilaty
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Cerro De Plata
"Michael helped me position my brand to target the users and people I want to work with. He made me realize life is too short to work with people you don’t like. I now have an exciting direction that I can’t wait to execute."
Leiry Seron
Innovation and Growth Designer
“Expectations were playing a huge part in why my negotiations were failing. Michael showed me how to approach negotiations with a different mindset, which has changed my business forever.”
Arek Dvornechuck
Founder & CEO
The Felice Agency
"Michael is a kickass dude. I really enjoyed our conversation, we went through an awesome persona building process that really helped me hone in on some of my marketing efforts. "
JP Taxman
Assistant Creative Director
Tiny Feet
“Michael was great, he talked us through client attraction, helped us navigate Youtube, and helped eliminate analysis by paralysis in our business decisions.”
Kristin Cornett
Manu Design
“Michael helped me realize how many opportunities I had around every corner. I needed to conquer my fear of working with US business, and start to position myself as an expert.”
Seneca Manu
Freelance Designer
Merus, LLC
"I greatly enjoyed working with Michael. He puts a lot of thought and heart into his work and has truly great ideas. I found his designs to be high caliber and intuitive. He is professional, creative, and technical...a great combination! Plus, he is an all-around fantastic person to work with."
Jenna Taylor
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017
"Michael is our go-to guy for high-end user interface design for websites. It’s great having such a strong resource available to our agency."
Nick Dumitru
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017


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